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Why can't books be about normal people who do extraordinary things?


Why can’t heroines of books be a normal girl, with a normal life, who stumbles into something amazing?

Why does she always have to be a loner? Or different. Why does there always have to be that moment where someone realizes “she isn’t like other girls?”

Think about it, what if “The Little…

Because raiders don’t want bland characters. There has to be something that makes them unique other wise you could exchange the character with anyone and that wouldn’t be interesting. Readers don’t want John Doe, the average guy, because he would act in a predictable fashion, such is human nature. But if John Doe became an individual like John Watson who has depth to his character development, then the story is interesting.

Besides, most characters in books are normal until the moment they encounter something that reveals they are not. And that would be the plot of the book. Harry Potter was a normal bullied kid who turned out to be a wizard. Tony Stark was a self centered bazillionaire until he was kidnapped and turned himself into Iron Man. Sherlock was just eccentric man who noticed every detail about a person until he realized he could solve mysteries. John Watson was a soldier with PTSD until he started adventuring with Sherlock. Every character is average until the writer gives them a power, and powers can be anything (personality, physical strength, social status, money, position at work, relationships, etc). But they also need weaknesses (personality, physical strength, social status, money, position at work, relationships, etc)

A great book to read about this phenomenon of character development is Stein on Writing. PS: I am a Creative Writing student so I’ve dedicated my life study to why stories are the way they are.

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